Friday, August 28, 2015

Learn how to sell gold coins

To learn how to sell gold and gold coins is a simple process. Once all the coins are accumulated which you want to sell, you'll figure out that there are only several simple steps involved with looking the method to sell gold coins and gold.

How to sell gold coins

While you discover the right time to sell your gold jewelry and coins, you'll firstly need to discover what the market fee is for the gold jewelry and coins. On internet there is lots of this sort of information on different sites.

As a way to correctly learn how to sell gold jewelry and coins, firstly you've to discover your coins have just how many karats. You can easily discover a karat insignia on your coin. 24 karat stamp gold coins will bring in the fat amount of money, because it is considered to be the best and purest type of gold.

While you can sell coins at jewelry retailers or pawn shops, you'll have to present a enough time driving around every site to get rates. You will even be supplied minimum possible price for your gold. It is effectively to go through an online customer to acquire most cash and also to invest minimal time on selling process.

The Best Spot To Sell Gold

To be able to sell your coins and gold jewelry to an online buyer or organization, you'll need to email in your gold jewelry and coins for a proper estimate and analysis. Then the online organization may contact you with their price list, to ensure that you could make your conclusion quickly. You'll get your cash when you recognize the transaction. You can find so many good online gold buyers available on internet. is one-of the best online organization which offers in gold buying in New York plus they delivers great deals and charges. Consequently give it a get fine cash for your gold jewelry, coins, diamond.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Selling gold in the NYC area has never been safer and more profitable

Looking to sell any type of gold in the NYC area? We buy gold jewelry, chains, charms, bracelets and pretty much anything that has gold in it. We also buy and pay a premium (more than the melt value) on all designer gold jewelry and antique / estate jewelry. If you are looking to sell gold in NYC then please visit our site for more information and how to sell your gold for the most cash.
Learn more about our gold buying business and how to contact your local gold buyer in setting up an appointment in getting cash for gold now.

Sell scrap, broken gold for top dollar. Scrap gold is worth just as much as new gold and we want to pay top dollar for it!

We test weigh and pay top dollar for gold. We buy 8k,9k,10k,12k,14k,16k,18k,22k,24k gold in any and every domination and always pay in cash and based on the current price for gold on todays price.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sell Gold NYC

If you are in the NYC area and are considering selling gold in New York you have come to the right place for gold selling information. Where to Sell Gold NYC?

We wrote this blog post to inform the customer on how the process works, things to avoid and great ways on getting the most cash for your gold jewelry.

First, we are located in midtown Manhattan on 47th Street between 5th and 6th ave located at 30 West 47th Street #806 New York, NY 10036. We are actually the original gold buyer in the Diamond District dating back to 30 years ago.

We buy anything related to gold and precious metals like gold jewelry, chains, charms, bracelets, pendants, anklets, rings, class rings, #1 mom pendants and anything else you can imagine.

We are the best gold buyer because we are different and believe in client education. We recommend the following steps for selling gold for the most cash.

1) Separate the karats in different piles

2) Know the current price of gold (The Fixed Price)

3) Have someone test and weigh them separate and make sure they are using the current price of gold.

4) Make sure they are official all gold buyers are required in NYC to take valid ID like a drivers license or passport

5) Get paid in cash or check.

You can be rest assured you will get paid the most in cash and can be certain that you are in a professional and safe building / office. We value our clients comfort level and want to make the process of selling your gold jewelry to go as smooth as possible. We also buy diamonds and if looking to Sell Diamonds NYC , Check that link out for selling diamonds at the best prices guaranteed.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Gold Spirals Uncovered in Denmark

A heap of 2,000 twisted gold spirals that resemble the story book queen Rapunzel's gold locks were recently discovered in Denmark.

Archaeologists found the 3,000-year-old fragile, glistening circles — each one of these testing as much as 1.2 inches (3 centimeters) lengthy — in the city of Boeslunde, on the Danish Area of Zealand, which hosts nearly 50% of Denmark's population.

Like Rapunzelis marvelous locks, the Bronzeage gold spirals might have had a sunlight-produced energy, the archaeologists said. "The sun was among the many holy icons in the Bronze-Age and gold had a miracle," Flemming Kaul, a curator at The National Museum of Denmark who co-found the gold, stated in a declaration which was converted from the original Danish. [View Pictures of the Newly Discovered Gold Spirals]

Though the spirals' original use is unfamiliar, it is possible they decorated wires that adorned caps and parasols, Kaul stated. "The truth is that people don't understand, but I often think they were section of a priest masteris outfit or headgear," he explained.

It is possible the priest master decked herself in gold, embellishing his hide and cap with the spirals. "Gold has the shade of the sun, it's glowing like the sun, which is indestructible, immortal and endless," Kaul stated. The priest master might have diminished his prize to the sunlight during traditions, and held the gold secure in a wooden container when he was experiencing less reverential, he included.

Holy area

Kaul believes contemporary-day Boeslunde was once a holy location for historic people during the Bronze-Age, since the website located traditions where people provided gold to their gods.

The excavation site spread over a in Boeslunde, where archaeologists discovered the large group of spirals, in addition to smaller packages of three and four circles. The group probably initially seated in a birch timber container with a leather coating, centered on remains available at the picture, the scientists said.

The current breakthrough of just over half a lb (200 to 300 grams) of gold contributes to Boeslundeis developing status as the gold money of upper Europe during the Bronze-Age.

"It suggests that the location had a importance for the Bronze-Age individuals once they made a decision to compromise many lbs of gold," said Kirsten Christensen, the fantastic spirals' additional co-discoverer and curator at the Memorial Vestsjælland on Zealand.

Prior excavations in Boeslunde discovered 10 gold rings, six which were big and large and four which might have been "pledge rings" — perhaps utilized in reference to swearing oaths in surfaces andtypically present in sacrificial configurations, Kaul stated.

In the 1800s, nearby producers discovered six gold ships at Borgbjerg Banke, about 1,640 legs (500 yards) from the present historical site. The 10 bands consider just under 8 lbs (3.5 kilograms) and the ships, including containers and beakers, consider significantly more than 2 lbs (1 kg).

Christensen and Kaul believe you will find more items awaiting breakthrough in Boeslunde, with assistance from their particular galleries they intend to continue their search, armed with metal sensors, in the foreseeable future.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Online Scrap Gold Calculator

If you're looking to find an online scrap gold calculator that updates to the current gold price and separates the karats then please check and use the gold price calculator at the link below.

If you're interested in scrap gold, there may come a time you may want to sell it, however for just how much? Gold prices often go up when the economy is smooth or you will find concerns about conflicts or inflation. However, before you decide to sell gold jewelry, dental fillings, teeth, blocks, or bars to a scrap gold buyer or gold refinery (or send it down by email), you ought to know just what is the value to be certain you're receiving a reasonable price in trade.

Many scrap gold traders maintain the formula a solution, but this gold price calculator provides you all the data you have to determine the value of your scrap gold on your own. It is based on 95% of the current price of the gold, and if you are interested in getting a fair amount please give them a call, they spent a lot of time and effort creating this live gold price calculator widget for you.

Where and how to sell gold for the most cash guaranteed?

You've seen the signs, You've heard the radio commercials, You saw TV Commercials, if you're looking for the best place to sell your gold in the entire tri-state area then read this below.

With the price of gold hitting record levels, many people have already been trying to find the answer to the question,- Where is the best spot to sell gold jewelry? Finding out, where's the best place to sell gold jewelry, enables you to get the best customer service and more importantly the best price for your gold items.

The Best Place to Sell Gold Jewelry

When you find a gold buyer that you're interested in selling gold to, you'll want to visit the Better Business Bureau website. This company has been doing operation since the early 1980's and also have the best info on businesses available on the Internet.

If you are contemplating selling to a jewelry store or pawn shop as the best place to sell your gold to, you should be aware of that jewelry retailers are take a lot of time since you'll need to visit many so that you can find the best price. If you elect to get your items to a pawn shop, you stand to receive a reduced amount for your gold items, or a loan.

Online gold buyers as well as local gold buyers in NYC are your best option as they can provide you top-dollar estimates and fast service. These online buyers are the most sound response to the problem, where's the best spot to sell gold jewelry.

The Price of Gold

When you're contemplating selling your gold jewelry, you should get some time to familiarize yourself with details about gold. By studying gold prices online, you will know how much an ounce of gold is selling for. You may also figure out precisely how gold buyers determine what your gold is worth.

Gold jewelry is charged by the overall weight of gold karats which might be present in the product. The purest kind of gold is stamped as 24k. You will find other levels of gold that are 10k, 14k and 18k. The press suggests the sort of gold and is typically positioned on the post of earrings, the inside of a ring, or the harness of necklaces or bracelets.

By researching online reputable companies, you'll enable yourself to get the best price for your gold and discover the reply to the issue,- Where is the best spot to sell gold jewelry?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Buyers of New York– Situated In NYC
is our 2013 #1 rated Gold Buyer

Manhattan Location
30 W. 47th St. #806
New York, NY 10036

Visit their site for information:

It requires more that just wanting to sell gold to truly do it, particularly in NYC where gold buyers come by the hundreds, and its difficult to know who to sell gold in NYC to. By the time you find the right spot to sell your gold in NYC, your head might be spinning!

It’s very clear why some gold buying companies stay above the rest, and the reason for this is the fact that some gold buyers aren’t there to cheat you, and the ones are the people will let the world know by leaving reviews for, and that you should do your homework before selling gold. Learn how you can sell gold safe, secure and for the most profit by choosing the best gold buyer .We are able to recommend one organization that people observed does good business in buying and selling gold, and that organization is known as Buyers of New York. They’re located on 47th street in Manhattan, and they are known as the first gold buyer ever in NYC dating back decades. Their representatives do a great job at making you feel confident with the entire process, and so they virtually walk you through it and educate you as well.

Check out our jewelry buyers blog and read our tips on not getting ripped off when selling gold in NYC.